Breakfast with eggs

Eggs with anything in the house

Breakfast with eggs is the perfect protein start to the day.
Perfect for physical or mental strength. I got a bit bored today with the plain boiled egg so raided the fridge and added onions, rice, broccoli, pak choi, and a mixed pepper salad topped with rocket/arugula. Oh and a bit of Nandos hot sauce…which I may have overdone 😊🤣
🥦Broccoli helps the detoxification pathways to clear out the junk that your body doesn’t need.
Rocket contains vitamins A, K and folate.
👀A is great for eye health,
☠ K is perfect for bone health.
👶Folate helps prevents neural tube defects in unborn babies and reduces the build up of homocysteine in the blood.(follow me for more information on homocysteine)
Rocket also helps digestion and improves the health of blood vessels. Also a good source of calcium. When compared to spinach, rocket is without the oxalates that prevent its absorption in spinach.
In TCM broccoli and rocket are important for Liver function and removing waste. For digestion, helping the Stomach and Spleen absorb necessary nutrients.
Improving Lung function and reducing phlegm, wind, dryness and toxic heat. balance of qi and yin.
Breakfast with Eggs